MH370 Investigation

Independent progressive record of investigation

Briefing instructions – 30 March 2014

[Transcription of private conversation between Colonel Colin James Pickering (retired), Private Investigator, and Major Stephen Michael Phelps (assistant to COL Pickering) dated March 30, 2014.]

COL Pickering: Godammit Phelps, what does it take to make myself understood!  
MAJ Phelps: I'm sorry Sir, exactly what is it, that is being misunderstood? 
COL Pickering: This investigation into that missing Malaysian civilian plane.
MAJ Phelps: Yes Sir. What about it Sir?
COL Pickering: I want a full report, that's what!
MAJ Phelps: But, uhm, I thought this was set to watching status, requiring only a cursory monitoring overview, Sir?
COL Pickering: Ah, Yes, well now we need to upgrade status to active. Open a private investigation and keep it underwraps. Give it your utmost attention. Check out the backgrounds of all involved. You know, the works.
MAJ Phelps: Aye! Sir, the works.
COL Pickering: Oh, and keep me updated daily.
MAJ Phelps: Can I ask why this is suddenly your problem, Sir?
COL Pickering: The commissioner is worried the Malaysians are ballsing it up, with their apparent lack of attention to detail and mishandling of the media. The press are all over this matter and the conspiracy theorists are gaining mainstream attention. We need cold hard solid facts to feed the media and put a lid on this steaming unwarranted speculation. Keep the commissioner happy, and all that. Just in case it becomes a local regional security issue or some such thing and perhaps a political football.
MAJ Phelps: I see. Is there anything else Sir?
COL Pickering: Leave no stone unturned.

Investigation Outline – 30 March 2014

On the night of March 7 2014, very early in the morning of March 8, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 from
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to Beijing China mysteriously disappeared mid-flight about one hour into the six
hour journey, last known to be over the South China Sea between Malaysia and Vietnam.

To our knowledge, no claims for ransom hostages, or of responsibility, have been made public.