MH370 Investigation

Independent progressive record of investigation

Investigation Day 1 – 31 March 2014

Upon initial investigation, there are several internet sites found to be already bristling with information:

A quick Australian Google search on "MH370" lists as its top 10:

AM - Ibrahim denies link between MH370 pilot and jail ... - Abc 
Samantha Hawley reported this story on Monday, March 31, 2014 08:12:00 ... has revealed he met the pilot of missing flight MH370 on number of occasions.
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Mar 31, 2014 - March 31, 2014: Four orange coloured objects have been ... the RAAF P-3 Orion crew's search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
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Video Source: Guardian Australia; Length: 1min 15sec;; Sunday 30 March 2014 ... MH370 ...
Mar 31, 2014 - Follow live updates on the search for Malaysia Airlines flight Mh370 more than three ..., Monday 31 March 2014 09.43 EDT.
Malaysia flight MH370 No time limit on search ... - YouTube 
Mar 31, 2014 - Uploaded by Today World News ... MH370 No time limit on search, says Tony Abbott - 31 March 2014 ... co-ordinated, that the hunt for ...
Malaysia flight MH370 No time limit on search ... - YouTube 
Mar 31, 2014 - Uploaded by Hadden Gale Malaysia flight MH370 No time limit on search, says Tony Abbott | BREAKING NEWS - 31 MARCH 2014 For ...
MH370 statement from Malaysia Acting Transport Minister ... 
Mar 31, 2014 - MH370 statement from Malaysia Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein on March 31, 2014, in full. Published on Mar 31, 2014 6:27 ...
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MH370: New last words from cockpit: 'Good night Malaysian three seven zero'. By Catherine E. Shoichet, Faith ... updated 11:32 PM EDT, Mon March 31, 2014.
Could MH370 land intact on water? Experts say possible ... 
Mar 31, 2014 - KUALA LUMPUR, March 31 ― With no wreckage or debris to be found of ... conference on missing MH370 in Kuala Lumpur March 31, 2014.
2014-03-31 Media Coverage over Missing Malaysian ...
Mar 31, 2014 - It's over three weeks now since the disapperance of the Malaysia Airlines MH370 jet and to be honest, we now know a bit more than three ...

Briefing update – 31 March 2014

[Transcription of private conversation between Colonel Colin James Pickering (retired), Private Investigator, and Major Stephen Michael Phelps (assistant to COL Pickering) dated March 31, 2014.]

COL Pickering: OK Phelps, where are you at with this investigation?  
MAJ Phelps: Good Sir, I've performed a preliminary Google search and uncovered a plethora of information. 
COL Pickering: Well done! When can you have a written report to me?
MAJ Phelps: I'll need assistance to sort through the details, before I can issue any reports, Sir.
COL Pickering: What sort of assistance do you have in mind?
MAJ Phelps: I was thinking of a technical writer, Sir, to also perform as a research assistant. One that can think logically and holistically. Perhaps that fellow we hired to write the independent technical report on the Home Insulation Program debacle.
COL Pickering: Ah, yes, I remember. He did serve our purposes well, didn't he? ... What was his name ... uhm ... Ramsden, wasn't it? Good man that.
MAJ Phelps: Aye! Sir, Ramsden. I've taken the liberty to call him, and sound out his availability. He can start immediately, if you approve, Sir.
COL Pickering: Good work. Go ahead with him. ... Now when can I expect a written report?
MAJ Phelps: We'll have you something of substance within the week.
COL Pickering: What can you tell me for now?
MAJ Phelps: Well, Sir. It appears that Malaysia Airlines have published the content of their Press Releases on their website under something called a "dark-site". Why they would name it mysteriously like that is not yet clear. We'll need to look into that some more.
Also, for some reason equally unknown, is why they're including an apparently innacurate timezone offset value in the title to all their Press Releases? 
COL Pickering: What? What's that you say? An innacurate timezone what?
MAJ Phelps: Offset Sir. The relationship between the local timezone and Greenwich Mean Time.
COL Pickering: What have they done with it?
MAJ Phelps: They appear to have got it completely back to front, declaring Malaysia Time as being 8 hours behind GMT, instead of 8 hours ahead. They've written it as "+0800", instead of "-0800". Places Malaysia in the American West Coast timezone.
COL Pickering: You're kidding me!?!
MAJ Phelps: No Sir, and it heads every one of their Press Releases. Seems they don't know where they are! Bit of a joke really. Doesn't increase our confidence in their professionalism.
COL Pickering: Indeed Phelps, it does not. All the more reason to bring this to light.
What else do you have for me?
MAJ Phelps: Well Sir, the Passenger Manifest is of dubious content. It still contains the names and nationalities of those booked onto the flight, and not those who actually travelled.
COL Pickering: How's that?
MAJ Phelps: The stolen passports. Two passengers were identified within a couple of days of the incident as having used stolen passports, and their proper names have not yet been listed. Equally, there's two listed missing passengers that are alive and well.
COL Pickering: You're sure about this, Phelps?
MAJ Phelps: Yessir. The press have interviewed the associates of the victims, and the survivors themselves. Over three weeks later, the official manifest is still inaccurate.
COL Pickering: Good work Phelps. And you found this out in only 24 hours? Keep on it.
MAJ Phelps: Yessir. Thankyou Sir. Until tomorrow.
COL Pickering: Good evening Phelps.
MAJ Phelps: Good evening Sir.